Methadone alleviates the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Once methadone reaches a sufficient level in a client's blood, his or her cravings are reduced. Methadone is longer acting (24 to 36 hours) than most other opioids. For example, heroin, which is short acting (three to six hours), is often injected or snorted several times a day while, in MAT, methadone is administered only once a day. 

Methadone is taken orally, once per day.

Methadone Treatment (FAQ)

  • Is methadone safe? Yes, for over 45 years, methadone has been used to help treat opioid addiction. When taken under the supervision of a professional, long-term maintenance causes no adverse effects to vital body organs. Properly administered, methadone produces no serious side effects.

  • Who enters methadone treatment? Opiate addiction favors no particular: Age, sex, race, profession, social class or ethnicity. Our mission is to help addicts pursue drug-free lives. As their lives begin to change, so do the lives of the people around them. We’ve witnessed numerous families establish a normal and functioning lifestyle after a battle with drug addiction.

  • How long does a person need to stay in Treatment? The amount of treatment someone will need is entirely dependant on the individual. 

  • Are methadone clinics regulated? Yes, we are regulated at both the state and federal level. We have received our accreditation from (CARF) Our doctor is a board certified addiction psychiatrist. (ABPN)


                        What Is Methadone?
Methadone is a synthetic narcotic used in the long-term stabilization of opiate addiction. The South Eastern Treatment Centers, staffed by a team of professionals, provides our patients with a safe environment and medical and clinical counseling for the purpose of attaining a drug-free lifestyle.
The goal of Southeastern Treatment Centers is for the client to become stable within 60 days of entering the program.  Dose levels during this period will be adjusted by the medical staff to create a safe stabilization period.
Addictive disease education, family counseling, individual and group counseling, urinalysis testing, and case management are included in the program.   



About Methadone.

    How Methadone Works.
  • Blocking the euphoric and sedating effects of opiates
  • Relieving the craving for opiates 
  • Relieves symptoms associated with withdrawal from opiates
  • Does not cause euphoria or intoxication itself (with stable dosing), thus allowing a person to work and participate normally in society
  • Is excreted slowly so it can be taken only once a day.


  • Reduced or stopped use of injection drugs
  • Reduced risk of acquiring or transmitting diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, Endocarditis, Tuberculosis, and STDs
  • Reduced mortality
  • Reduced criminal activity
  • Improved family stability
  • Employment potential
  • Improved pregnancy outcomes



Benefits of Using Methadone?

What Are Opioids? 

Opioids are a class of natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic narcotics that are derived from the opium poppy and/or are synthesized in pharmaceutical laboratories.